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Star Witness

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Published 1979 by Doubleday & Co.

A Book-of-the-Month Club Alternate Selection


Throughout post-Watergate America, a land of widespread disenchantment, women by the thousands are flocking into the legal profession – not a few of them idealists. But what is it like, if you are a young, single female today, to crash this bastion of male power?

Richard Kluger, who has written compellingly on the law as both novelist and historian, creates in Star Witness a character study of one embattled woman lawyer at the forefront of her sex’s struggle for professional recognition and dignity. At twenty-eight, Tabor Hill is brainy, becoming, resourceful, and intensely ambitious. When she joins the most respectable law firm in her city, it is not long before the shock waves are being felt all over town.

Is Tabor a tireless, savvy combatant or a willful, manipulative schemer? The answer depends on whether you consult her admirers or her detractors, whom she seems to attract in almost equal numbers. Caught between championing the interests of her firm’s clients and those that her own humanitarian impulses embrace, the nervy Ms. Hill is forever flirting with indiscretion and disaster.

Star Witness is an adventure of the heart and mind. Here is the dilemma of the modern professional woman who discovers the battering her values must endure if she is to achieve and then sustain success on her own terms.



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