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"Let astrology guide your understanding of Yesterday,
advise you Today, and reveal abundant, fulfilling Tomorrows."

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 Welcome to Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, a comprehensive astrology service, where my specialties include relationship compatibility, timely planetary forecasts, right livelihood, and insightful birth chart consultations. Be sure and visit my monthly horoscope column. Gift certificates are available as well as Motherpeace Tarot sessions.

Astrology is a practical tool for gaining the self-knowledge through which we can transform our lives.



Let astrology create:

Appreciation of your uniqueness
Improved relationships with others
Better timed, wiser choices
Discovery of your right livelihood
Understanding of the ebb and flow of life cycles


I offer convenient telephone astrology consultations, taped recordings and affordable computerized astrological reports. Something for everyone is available to assist in your quest to explore strengths and potentials, and unveil your innermost essence. My specialties include:

Relationship Compatibility - what exactly is the chemistry going on
between the two of you?

Planetary Forecasting - current planetary positions and upcoming

Other essential astrological services I offer are:

Birth Astrology Chart-clarifies your inborn gifts and talents
Progressed Chart-helps pinpoint life cycles and major turning points
Electional Astrology-choose the most auspicious times for weddings, home or car buying, store openings, surgery dates,etc.

Solar Return-useful for forecasting upcoming annual trends
Childscope-provides precious insight into your child's personality
Relocation chart-examines your challenges and talents in a city other than your birthplace.

Business charts-for business openings, expansions, and incorporation dates.

Computerized Astrological Reports-makes an insightful, unique GREAT GIFT! Give an uncommon gift that truly keeps on giving.

Mini Birth chart report(5-7 pages) only $15!
Deluxe report(35+ pages)only $35!
Future Forecast Report (one year)... only $35!

There are a variety of ways to contact me:


services | relationship compatibility
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