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Andrea Mallis, Astrologer and creatrix of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting

 Welcome to Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, a comprehensive astrology service, where my specialties include timely planetary forecasting, enlightening relationship compatibility, right livelihood, and insightful birth chart consultations. Gift certificates are available. A devoted baseball fan, I’m creating a unique niche, branching into sports astrology with excellent results. Be sure and visit my informative monthly horoscope column.

Let astrology create:

Astrology gets you in touch with your true potentialAppreciation of your uniqueness
Astrology assists with relationships of all kindsImproved relationships with others
Timing is everything in astrologyBetter timed, wiser choices
Astrology can align you with right livelihoodDiscovery of your right livelihood
Astrology is a great permission giverUnderstanding of the ebb and flow of life cycles

I offer in depth personalized astrological consultations, as well as convenient telephone consults and taped recordings. Affordable astrological reports are available by mail or on the web. There’s something available for everyone-to assist in the quest to explore strengths and potentials, unveiling your innermost essence. My specialties include:

What's ahead astrologically so you can make the most of favorable times and reduce the stress of challenging timesPlanetary Forecasting - current planetary positions and upcoming

Explore astrological chemistry and karmic connectionsRelationship Compatibility - what exactly is the chemistry going on
between the two of you?

Other essential astrologicalservices I offer are:

Natal birth chart identifies your astrological blueprintBirth Astrology Chart-clarifies your inborn gifts and talents
Progressed chart highlights your evolving identityProgressed Chart-helps pinpoint life cycles and major turning points
For optimum results utilize astrology for timing special occasionsElectional Astrology-choose the most auspicious times for weddings, home or car buying, store openings, surgery dates,etc.

Happy birthday to you with a Solar Return!Solar Return-useful for forecasting upcoming annual trends
What makes your child tick astrologicallyChildscope-provides precious insight into your child's personality
Find the best place for you to astrologically thriveRelocation chart-examines your challenges and talents in a city other than your birthplace.

Find the perfect beginning for your business astrologicallyBusiness charts-for business openings, expansions, and incorporation dates.

Try Computerized Astrological Reports for a unique gift!E Readings Astrological Reports-makes an insightful, unique GREAT GIFT! Give an uncommon gift that truly keeps on giving.

There are a variety of ways to contact me:



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